Grelos Of ecological production, dehydrated
to low temperature, what does that they conserve intact all
his properties.


Infusions of ecological production:

Artemisa, Caléndula, Llantén, Melisa Mint, Milenrama , Orégano, Salvia and teas.


Albahaca, Canela, Nail, Walnut moscada, Orégano, white and black Pepper, Romeu, Salvia, Sesame, Tomiño, Garlic, Coriander, Curry, Pimiento twelve and spicy, Caiena, Laurel and Parsley.


The preparation of this oleato follows a process that splits of the ecological crop of the prime matter, until the extraction of the active principles by maceración in the laboratory of Milhulloa.
This does that it was a product of big quality, ideal for a massage tarapéutica and a perfect hydratation of the skin after the shower or of the bathroom.

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