Formed by three city councils, Shovels of Rei, Monterroso and Antas of Ulla, is step forced for the pilgrims that approach to Compostela so much by the French Way as by the north Route.

It stands out by his wealth paisajística (centenarian forests, it discurrir of the Ulla, waterfalls, medicinal flora and fauna) and architectural (petroglyphs, castros, roman bridges, the Castle of Pambre, rests of hospitals for pilgrims, edificaciones considered jewels of the romance, etc).

Likewise it has numerous establishments. In the service sector, stand out the holiday cottages and a spa of recent construction at the side of the river Pambre. Also it suits to signal the apparition of new producers in the sector of the agriculture and ranching ecological (medicinal and aromatic plants, cheese factory,poultry farm and producers of espárragos and raspberries).


Milhulloa Sociedad Cooperativa Galega

Direction: Lugar Coto nº1 Palas de Rei (Lugo)

Telephone: 620 783 682 / 646 569 126